What is OkyLocky? How it works?

Reliable, easy, free and secure password generator & reminder. No intermediaries from now!

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Quick Start

  1. Come up with a unique password and type it in Master Password field.
  2. Type site name, which you need password for, in Key Password field.
  3. Five fields will appear. Click on the first field. It will contain protected password.
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What is OkyLocky and how it works?

OkyLocky is a service for creation and restoration of complex and unique passwords.

OkyLocky creates a complex very strong password from two simple ones:

We recommend to read tips about password protection from steal and hacking below.

Create a password step-by-step

  1. Come up with a secret Master Password. This is an important step. You need to remember that password. It is used to recover the protected  password later. Please consider:
    • Master password must NOT be used anywhere else before.
    • Master password must NOT cause you negative emotions. Do not come up with that you will be unpleasant to remember each time))).
    • The password can contain any characters. But please note that it may be hard to type password not in Latin. Think about it in advance. Virtual keyboard does not have all characters either.
    • Passwords are case sensitive (e.g. abc and ABC are different passwords). Pay attention to Caps Lock.
    • Master password’s length can be short, but we recommend to use five and more characters. The more unique the word is, the harder it will be to hack (if it happens). Decide for yourself.
    • Please practice before using password on live sites. Is it comfortable for you to type word? For example, the word “SuPERpassword@123” is unnecessarily complex, difficult to remember and unpleasant to type.
  2. Click on "Master Password" field. Type the invented password. It is hidden. Be careful! Look at Caps Lock and the system language.
  3. Click on "Key Password" field. Type name of the site for which you need the protected password. Please note:
    • It is impotant to remember a rule of site name spelling. For example, the simplest way is “site.biz”.
    • Key Password can be improved if you invent your own rule of the name spelling (e.g. “to type a certain character instead of the second one). Come up with your own rule and it will become much harder to break already protected password.
  4. The protected passwords will appear in fields from 1 to 5. Select one by clicking on the desired field. The good idea is to use first of them but this is your choice of course.
    • You can also use additional four passwords, for example, if you have to change password.

Password creation example:

Let's suppose that you want to generate a password for http://site.exam:

How to protect your password from steal and hacking.

There are five simple rules that help you to maximize your password protection against hackers. These rules can be used for any secret information protection over the Internet.

  1. The main rule is to use different passwords for different sites. Why so? If you use the same password on each site, then it is enough to hack your password on one site to get access to your accounts on any other site.
    • OkyLocky solves the problem flawlessly. All passwords are unique. And you do not need to memorize them.
  2. A password must have at least 8 characters and contain various characters. Simple words can easily picked up by password hacking programs for a few hours.
    • OkyLocky creates from 12 to 16 length passwords with various characters. Nowadays it is standard of password protection.
  3. It is dangerous to type passwords on the third party computer in public place. The computer owner can install keyboard interception program (keylogger). Try not to use passwords on the third party computers.
    • OkyLocky has a virtual keyboard that allows you to not use a computer keyboard. This virtually eliminates the risk of interception.
  4. Make sure that there is no trace of your passwords on that computers. Some browsers allow you to access the Internet in a secure "Incognito" mode . Use it. This mode does not track your visit history. Don’t copy and paste  passwords on that computers. Don’t be lazy to type the password manually. If it is possible, use a virtual keyboard.
    • Although OkyLocky can copy the password to clipboard (it is convenient for personal computers), the passwords are never copied automatically. If you are not sure about the safety, do not copy the password and type it on the virtual keyboard.
    • If you use Key Password storage feature, make sure that no one except you can get access to this information.
  5. Don’t write down passwords and don’t "hide" them online. The best gift to hackers is a list of these passwords.
    • OkyLocky does not store or transmit any data.